About Us

About the Wadsworth Older Adults Foundation

The Wadsworth Older Adults Foundation (WOAF) is a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt organization in Wadsworth, Ohio.

The WOAF encourages and accepts gifts from individuals, corporations and foundations on behalf of the Soprema Senior Center

Located at 617 School Drive on the Wadsworth High School & Community Center campus, the Soprema Senior Center offers both traditional and contemporary senior programming, including recreational, educational, informational, seasonal and social programs.

Strategic Plan

Our Mission

The mission of the Wadsworth Older Adults Foundation is to be proactive in providing supplemental support to the programs and services affiliated with the Soprema Senior Center.

Goals & Strategies

The Foundation will enhance and promote programs and services to meet the needs of the Senior Center.

  • Develop and implement needs assessment to ascertain direction
  • Evaluate new sources to promote programs/services
  • Blue Tip Festival/Parade
  • Community Events
  • Positive Times Publication
  • Expand use of electronic media and communication
  • Improve events, programs, activities, and sponsorship
  • Evaluate and recommend changes to pre-event publicity
  • Unify branding and populate in all communications
  • Integrate public relations committee with event coordinators

The Foundation will increase board membership and develop a plan to increase the contribution and active involvement of board members in the Foundations’ mission.

  • Identify needs and skill sets in prospective board members
  • Develop list of potential board members
  • Implement the use application process for selection
  • Develop a process to evaluate the “fit” of board member
  • Develop orientation packet/written material for new and prospective board members

The Foundation will expand partnerships and collaborative relationships to enhance services to seniors.

  • Identify potential partners and collaborative opportunities
  • Profile and evaluate existing partners
  • Conduct face-to-face meetings with potential partners to propose/discuss collaboration ideas

The Foundation will raise funds and seek new funding opportunities to support the mission of the Foundation.

  • Expand/promote memorial contribution programs
  • Develop a program for major donors
  • Evaluate investment vs. return on fundraising programs

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